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How To Join

(1) Before applying please read through our Ethics and Structure. They should match with your ideas.
(2) To join us you will need to download and install Discord.
(3) Join Our Discord Channel.
(4) In Discord, find the Channel “#application”.
(5) Copy, Paste and Fill Out the Application Template in there.
(6) After receiving your application we will get in touch with you 🙂


Who may join Petrichor?2020-04-15T13:10:43+00:00

Anyone who agrees to our Ethics and Structure. While we are aiming to do high-end content (with probably lots of raiding) we also welcome casual players. So if you’re either an ambitious player or a casual who enjoys such company we encourage you to submit and application.

What is the duration of the “Recruit-Status”?2020-04-15T13:09:54+00:00

Recruit-Status lasts one month. Use it to group with our members, get to know them and leave a good impression.

Should I ask Members to vote for me?2020-04-15T13:08:11+00:00

Please don’t. Offensively asking for votes is like begging and we know since Everquest 1 that begging can get you killed 😉 Group up, have a good time and trust in our members to remember you once voting starts.

How do I become a full member?2020-04-15T13:09:20+00:00

After 1 month of being a Recruit, our members will take a vote on you. You’ll need at least 3/4 Yes-Votes with a maximum of 2 No-Votes. Just play your Character well, stick to our Ethics and you’ll be fine.

Am I eligible for Raids as a Recruit?2020-04-15T13:08:59+00:00

Yes. Once you carry our Guildtag, you are allowed to join our raids and will accumulate DKP like any other member. You may also bid on items, although full members have priority on items. For more information, see Structure > Loot Distribution.

Pre-Launch, every applicant receives an instant promotion to member status. Additionaly, during Alpha & Beta, applicants may apply for an Officer Post and prove themselves worthy.


Our Ranks and Raid Organisation.


Learn more about our ethics.


Join our Discord Channel.

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