Basic Rules

  • Duration
    A regular Raid is scheduled for 2-3 hours.
  • Attendance
    Sign up at least 24h before announced Raids. Raids on contested targets will be announced in Discord.
  • Preparation
    All Raiders are expected to show up on time and be well prepared (repaired gear, potions, ammunition, …).
  • Voice Chat
    Being in Discord during Raids is mandatory. During crunch time, keep it tight. In the meantime: spread joy.
  • Allegiance
    Democracy does not work in raids. Therefore, during Raids all Raiders are to follow the orders of our Raid Leader and Officers for smooth and fast kills.
  • Attention
    Stay attentive and play your character and class to its best.
  • Penalties
    Repeatedly missing afk-checks, excessive trolling or wiping the raid due to a lack of attention will be penalized with negative DKP. However, we will never punish someone for unpredictable RL events or the like.

Short Ruleset

if possible 24h+ in advance

Be on Time
online: 20 minutes early
at rendezvous: 10 minutes early

Be Attentive
always pay attention, don’t go ninja afk

Prepare in Advance
e.g. required items/potions/…

DKP Points

At rendezvous on time
+ 1 Point

During Raid
+2 Points/hour

First Kill
+2 Points

-X Points

Loot Distribution

Main > Alt
Mains have priority on bids.
Alts come second and bids must be indicated with an “a” (e.g. “10a”).

True Need
If a drop profits certain classes significantly more than others, the Raid Leaders may give them priority on bids, in the interest of the strongest possible raidforce.

Bidding takes place in raidchat in the style of an auction.

Our DKP Page can be accessed through – However it is not in use right now, as Pantheon Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins announced that Pantheon will come with an implemented DKP system.

Guild Ranks

Guild Leader
Co-Guild Leader


The Guild Leaders strive to improve the guilds well-being at any time. On top, they install competent and dedicated Officers and a Raid Leader, to take care of daily business.

Raid Leader
Raid Officer

General Officer



The Raid Leader is in charge of Raids and assisted by two Raid Officers.

The General Officers take care of everything else, e.g. recruitment, organisation, guild bank, internal communication, etc.



Consists of the LeadersOfficers and selected Senior Members. Changes in the Guild-Rules require a 2/3 majority, including at least one Yes-Vote from a Leader.

Senior Member


Senior-Members have earned their rank through trust and dedication to the Guild over a long time (3 months+).



Members are the most vital part of every guild. While our focus will be on high end content, we also welcome casual players.



Anyone who identifies with our ethics may become a recruit. For more information visits our Application page.


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