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Honor And Glory

Our Ethics

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All Guildmembers shall carry the Guildname with dignity and cast a positive light on the guild. Therefore, we shall treat ourselves and others with Respect, Fairness and Honesty. 


  • We respect the server rules and strive to be polite, considerate and mindful of other players and guilds at all time. Hate speech and discrimination are not tolerated in anyway. We expect all our Members to behave mature and treat others kindly.


  • While trying to accomplish ambitious goals, we do so without trampling other players or guilds. Our Guild Leader and Officers will be as transparent as possible and do their best to act in the interest of all Guild Members. Suggestions are always welcome and will be considered.


  • The foundation of a good reputation and trust is honesty. Trust is necessary for a relationship to function and thrive and means you can rest easy knowing that you have been true to yourself. Therefore, we shall be honest to our Guild Members, other players and other guilds at all times.