Welcome to the official Site of Petrichor, a Pantheon Rise of the Fallen EU Guild.

We are determined to become an active, family friendly and mid-core Raiding-Guild with a variety of European players. We want to enjoy the game and do high-end content, while maintaining a healthy real-life at the same time. It is not mandatory to be a regular member of our Raidforce. So if you’re a casual who prefers questing or crafting we will gladly welcome you in our family as well!

If you want to learn more about the guild, get in touch with us or are interested to join, this is your place to be.

We are in small numbers yet, but hoping to grow quick. Recruitment is LIVE. Join our Discord and become a part of Petrichor 🙂


Interested to become a part of us? Find out more here.


About our Ranks and Raid Structure.


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Learn more about our ethics.

Short Facts

  • EU Located
  • Open to Raiders

  • Open to Casuals


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