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Our ideals and structure

A Guild That Slays Together Stays Together

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We know that we stand and fall with our community. Therefore, we strive to unite a healthy group of people with similar goals and interests within the game. The foundation for these goals are clear rules and organisational structure. Our members shall benefit from being in the guild and vice versa. 

Raid Oriented

Petrichor is a Raiding Guild. We look out for the strongest foes on Terminus to slay them and claim their treasures.

Knowledge Advantage

By documenting information since Pre-Alpha we are prepared for the most difficult tasks Terminus has to offer.

Coping with RL

Our members live in Europe. While we also welcome people from other continents you should keep in mind that our playing hours are accordingly.

We all have RL responsibilities. We keep them in mind at all times and are sympathetic whenever they need someone's attention.

Petrichor's Hierarchy

Guild Ranks

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Guild Leader

The Guild Leader strives to improve the guild's well-being. He installs competent and dedicated Officers to take care of daily business and assists the Officers when needed.

Raid Officers

The Raid Leader and Raid Officers are in charge of the entire Raid Force. In preparation of raids it is their duty to identify suited targets and plan the Raid Force's setup. During the raids they lead and distribute loot. After the raid they assess the event for future tweaking.

General Officers

The General Officers take care of daily business. This includes recruitment, organization of various events (except raids), the guild bank, internal communication, external presentation of the guild.


Our members are the most vital part of the guild. Members may choose wether they want to be a part of the Raid Force. Since we are a family friendly guild we also welcome casual players.


Anyone who identifies with our ethics may become a recruit by submitting an application on our Discord Server.