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Raiding Rules

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As a guideline and to ensure smooth and succesful raiding, our raid force follows these rules. Our goal is to progress through current content while still offering a fun experience for everyone attending.


Regular raidevents are scheduled for 2-3 hours. Spontaneous raids don't have a preset timeframe.

Sign Up

Make sure to sign up 24h+ before a raid so that the Raid Leaders know what they're working with and can prepare a group-setup.


All Raiders are expected to show up well prepared (repaired, potions, ammunition, etc.).


Discord is mandatory for raids. During crunch time: keep it tight. In the meantime: spread joy.


Stay attentive to not miss calls. Everyone shall give their best to increase the success rate of the raidforce.


Repeatedly missing afk-checks, excessive trolling or wiping the raid due to a lack of attention will be penalized with negative DKP. However, we will NEVER punish someone for unpredictable RL events or the like.

DKP System

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Loot is distributed by a DKP sytem to reward high attendance. Exceptions may be made for important roles (e.g. the MainTank(s)) to improve the raid force’s overall strength.


For being 10 min. before raid start at the designated location.
+1 DKP

Hourly DKP

For every hour entered into.
+2 DKP

First Kill

For every time the raid force kills a raidboss for the first time.
+5 DKP


Harming the raidforce on purpose or due to indifference.


Details about our raiding rules

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements to join the raidforce?

Any member of the guild may join our raids whenever there is a free spot for their class. However, we usually have a fixed raidforce of players who can be counted on to consistently be available for raids at set times. This allows us to plan and schedule raids with confidence, knowing that we will have a sufficient number of players.

Whenever there are permanent openings, you can apply to join the regular raidforce. You must be dedicated, reliable and able to consistently attend our raid schedule and you must have a good understanding of your class and its mechanics.

Who can bid on items?

Anyone in the current raid may use their DKP to bid on items while following two rules, to improve the overall performance of the raid force. 

  1. NBG (Need Before Greed)
  2. Mains > Alts

However, the raid leaders may decide to give certain items to important roles within the raid. Such an example would be a best-in-slot breastplate for the maintank, to increase the overall potency of the raidforce.

Why do you use the DKP system?

The DKP system provides a clear and objective way to determine who should receive a piece of loot based on their contribution to the guild’s activities, such as participating in raids and killing bosses. This helps to prevent conflicts and resentment within the guild, as everyone knows that loot is being distributed fairly according to a set of predetermined rules.

What happens if a raid member is unable to attend a raid?

If a raid member is unable to attend a raid or will be away for an extended period of time, they should inform the raid leader or guild leader as soon as possible. This allows the raid leader to plan accordingly and find a replacement for that period if necessary.